The Unraveling of “The Unraveling of America”

When I read the recent essay “The Unraveling of America” by Wade Davis in Rolling Stone, I tried to ignore it. I tried to do the same thing I did for 13 years in Canada when confronted with spiteful, toxic anti-Americanism: stuff it down, pretend it didn’t matter to me, or — if I was at a … Continue reading The Unraveling of “The Unraveling of America”

Arrival: Not Quite There

My house is extremely clean. WARNING: TOTAL SPOILERSOnly a cranky, elitist misanthrope could fail to love this perfectly pitched middlebrow confection. All your friends loved it, right? Amy Adams is reliably adorable as a brilliant yet weirdly underaged linguist whose work is admired at the highest reaches of government. (The way we know she’s brilliant … Continue reading Arrival: Not Quite There

On Hospitality. A Manifesto.

Do not expect reciprocity. Open your home in an attitude of non-expectation. Try not to hope. This state is impossible for human beings. Recognize this impossibility and forgive yourself for your desire. Yet continue to strive. Turn yourself inside out as much as you can. Strain toward the perfection of absolute giving as a horizon, … Continue reading On Hospitality. A Manifesto.